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It’s more important than ever to be IN community.


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Sometimes life is hard. Work can be discouraging.

You might feel alone in your profession, even disconnected. 

Together, we’ll explore your challenges, develop partnerships, experience shared learning, find accountability, share your gifts and talents, and connect with others.

Step up and into a supportive, peer directed,  mastermind to help you move forward today!


7 months

90 minute sessions for only $599!


Don’t go it alone.  

When you join our online 7-month mastermind group, you will foster meaningful connections with like-minded professionals who share your passion for growth and development.

This collaborative learning, no judgment environment will keep you energized through sharing experience and know-how in a safe space. 

Achieving your goals will be easier when you engage in a supportive community where accountability and encouragement will help you gain new heights within your profession.  

When you bring openness and authenticity to the group, it will enhance discussions and peer to peer learning.

 Each time you “show up” you will leave motivated and ready for your “what’s next.”

Our Promise to You

We’re dedicated to establishing a flourishing community of professionals that nurtures growth and connection.


Join us for this 7-month, unique opportunity to invest in yourself and others.

Mastermind FAQ’s


  • Who runs the Community & Learning Mastermind Groups? Our Masterminds are facilitated by Belem Team Members:  Dr. Kelly Whelan LinkedIn Profile Dr. Diane Wiater LinkedIn Profile Dr. Sheba Wilburn LinkedIn Profile  

  • When are the mastermind groups held? Our session run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We meet once a month for 90 minutes (see registration for dates and times).

  • Who is this mastermind group for? This group is for those who seek to be in community with other professionals to advance their learning and elevate their development through peer to peer connection. 

  • Do I have to attend every session? No, but after attending, you won’t want to miss! These sessions are always full of learning as your community shares, advises, and supports each others efforts.

  • Are mastermind sessions recorded? This will be discussed amongst the group during our first session.

  • Who does best in the Belem Group? Leaders, solo & entrepreneurs who have a willingness to bring their full self into the group by sharing their expertise, knowledge, offer feedback (and at times pushback), align their goals and aspirations, and are committed to mutual support.

  • What expectations are there? Your facilitators have the expectation that you will give of yourself, be open, honest, respectful, hold confidence, and amongst other things, have fun as you get to know others who share the same desire to learn and grow in community. Although the facilitator expectations are important, what is most important is for the group to create a collective agreement of expectations during the first session.

  • Is this a faith-based mastermind group? While Belem is founded on Christian values, this group is not just for Christians. We believe all people regardless of their beliefs are to be treated with dignity, respect, compassion, and have a seat in our programs. We build enduring relationships based on creating and sustaining an environment of safety, trust, honor, and care in community with others. Our post- program surveys reflect closing in prayer adds value to those in attendance (even if they were not spiritual). Belem’s programs are low pressure. Community members are not required to participate in the closing prayer. You simply disconnect from the Zoom call!

  • I went through the Business Activator with Belem, is this group the same? No, this group is different. The Business Activator is for those who are just starting out in business, are ready to turn their hobby  into a real business, or established businesses that have special projects they are launching or re-launching. The focus of the Activator is business building. Activator’s meets 2 x’s per month. The Community & Learning Group does not discriminate time in role or profession. You may be a coach or consultant, or you may work in another area of leader development or even another profession. The community will have common themes across industries. If you’ve taken the Business Activator, or are registering for the Activator, the Community Group would be a great place to keep you motivated! And, you may be interested in the Business Accelerator when it becomes available.

  • What is the mastermind investment? Your investment is your time, commitment, and what you do between sessions to elevate your profession, plus a charge of $599.

  • Do you have a payment plan? Yes. We do have a plan that you can pay over time. Please see the end of the registration form.

  • Are there any other discounts available? If you are a CCMag Premier Member and pay in full, you can take advantage of your 10% perk. Note this on your application. Click -> Premier Members to learn more. $50 off with coupon MM24

  • What other Belem programs are available in 2024? Visit to see more!

  • I have more questions. Where can I reach you?  You can email the Belem Leaders Institute @ [email protected] with the subject line Community Group.