Business Activator for Coaches & Consultants

Take the guesswork out of building your business

January 24-July 3, 2024

Empower. Activate. Elevate.

1st & 3rd Wednesdays 10-11:30am EST

The countdown is on!

Register by December 31, 2023

January 24-July 3, 2024 


Facing challenges launching your coaching or consulting business?

We’re here to help.

Take the guesswork out of building your business.

Whether it’s business planning, financial or time management, branding, marketing, artificial

intelligence, or any other area that’s challenging for you, we’ve got you covered! 

Don’t go it alone.

Join the Activator!


 Elevate your expertise.

Step into a transformative learning experience.



Design Actions That Work

Join us for this 6-month, unique opportunity to invest in yourself.

The Activator is not just another course or program. It’s an interactive business development experience so you can bring understanding and confidence to your business.

Your instructors are certified in their profession and ready to partner, empower, and guide you through each session. And, you’ll journey with other business builders.


Take the guesswork out of building your business.



Session begins January 24-July 3, 2024


  Meet & Greet Session January 24th 10-11:30 am ET

Activator Session I begins February 7th 10-11:30 am ET



Don’t go it alone.



What You Get

(12) 90-minute Activate sessions via Zoom

A professional network of colleagues

Monthly challenges with prizes!

(2) Power Coaching Sessions with a Belem Coach

Guest faculty who are experts in their field

24/7 access to supplemental learning materials in our Belem Institute course area

An invitation to our graduation celebration in Naples, Fl. (August 7, 2024)

A complimentary ticket to the Global Leadership Summit in Naples Fl. August 8-9, 2024

PLUS so much more!



Our Promise to You

We’re dedicated to establishing a thriving, encouraging environment that empowers you to BUILD!

We provide the support you need and confidence-building resources to guide you every step of the way!

We’ll help fine tune what you need to be successful in your business.

Together, we’ll unpack the power behind your brand, social media and marketing, plus other areas that are necessary to create impact for you and the people you serve.

Activator FAQs

  • Who is this Activator for? The Business Activator is for those who are just starting out in a coaching or consulting business, or are ready to turn their hobby of coaching or consulting into a real business. The focus of the Activator is business building.

  • Do I have to attend every session? No, but after attending, you won’t want to miss! These sessions are always full of learning as your cohort shares and supports each others efforts.

  • Are Activator sessions recorded? Yes. Break out rooms are not.

  • What applicants do best in the Activator? Applicants who are committed to building or re-building their business. 

  • What expectations are there? Your faculty has the expectation that you will give of yourself, be open, honest, respectful, hold confidence, and amongst other things, be committed and vulnerable as you try new things and think new thoughts.

  • Is this a faith-based business program? While Belem is founded on Christian values, this Activator is not just for Christians. We believe all people regardless of their beliefs are to be treated with dignity, respect, compassion, and have a seat in our programs. We build enduring relationships based on creating and sustaining an environment of safety, trust, honor, and care in community with others. Our post- course surveys reflect closing in prayer adds value to those in attendance (even if they were not spiritual). Belem’s programs are low pressure. Our members are not required to participate in the closing prayer. You simply disconnect from the Zoom call!

  • I registered for a mastermind with Belem. Is the Activator the same? No, this is different. The Business Activator is for those who are just starting out in a coaching or consulting business, or are ready to turn their hobby of coaching or consulting into a real business. The focus of the Activator is business building. Activator’s meets 2 x’s per month. The materminds does not discriminate time in role or profession. You may be a coach or consultant, or you may work in another area of leader development or even another profession. The community will have common themes across industries. The mastermind meets 1 x per month.

  • What is the Business Activator investment? Your investment is your time, commitment, and what you do between sessions to build your business, plus $1599 for the 6 month program.

  • Do you have a payment plan? Yes. We do have a plan that you can pay over time. Please see the registration form.

  • Are there any other discounts available? If you are a CCMag Premier Member and pay in full, you can take advantage of your 10% perk. Note this on your application. Click -> Premier Members to learn more. *Black Friday Special $299 off with coupon code BAM24

  • What other Belem programs or events are available in 2024? Visit to see more!

  • I have more questions. Where can I reach you?  You can email the Belem Leaders Institute @ [email protected] with the subject line Community Group.

Let's Build Confident Leaders Together.

The challenges of leadership can leave leaders feeling insecure, inadequate, and alone.
At Belem, we believe that leaders should not have to lead without a coach that can help them be their best. 
Our time-tested approach and set of tools have helped hundreds of leaders be confident in their leadership again.


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