Praying Coaches: Inspiration through Divine Wisdom

Written by Dr. Kelly Whelan

Dr. Whelan is the Founder and CEO of Belem LLC. She specializes in partnering, empowering, and positioning executive leaders and teams for success by helping them design strategies that create stakeholder impact.

July 25, 2023

Have you ever noticed some people pray REALLY well? They have just the right words, are anointed, and eloquent. They pray with ease. As you’re listening to these gifted prayer warriors have your thoughts ever wandered as you compare how you pray, and mutter the words, “I wish I could pray like that!” 

Maybe you become anxious if you’re asked to pray or when you feel the Holy Spirit nudge to pray. Instead of stepping into the nudge, you stand paralyzed in your distressed state of panic, palms glistening with sweat, waiting for the nudge to pass. For years this was me. While I prayed, I prayed quietly. Quietly in my head. No one to hear or critique me. In my head I think, “God knows my heart; at least I’m praying!” James 5:16 reminds me, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Still, it was excruciating to even contemplate praying out loud for a client! To some, this may seem silly, immature, even un-Christian-like!


Becoming a practicing, praying, Christian Coach has been years in the making.


I knew the Lord was calling me to raise my voice, but raising my voice meant I had to step out of the uncomfortableness and step into the arms of my Savior.

As I contemplated praying for my clients during our sessions, I knew how to begin and end. It was the middle part that troubled me. Early in my coaching career I was so focused on doing everything right, I forgot to let go and let God guide and direct me. And then…with an idea deposited into my spirit, I was transformed.

Quickly, I created a template that would then become my go-to for each coaching session. Using the Client Prayer template to guide me, I could listen deeply and capture what was important to the client. Then, I could take the client’s own words to pray for them at the end of the session. By using this tool, I was able to elevate my confidence, knowing I could support my client and honor God through this praying practice.


Tapping Into the Power of God

Christian prayer is becoming increasingly popular among leaders and coaches looking for guidance and direction in their work. Christian coaches and leaders alike believe incorporating prayer at the beginning or end of their coaching sessions provides comfort and strength. Praying helps navigate the challenges of leadership and coaching with greater ease. This trend is particularly prevalent in organizations and coaching practices where faith plays a significant role. Faith-based and even some secular organizations see Christian prayer as a way to connect with their spirituality. Prayer helps draw on the wisdom and teachings of their faith, and provides a meaningful mindfulness practice.

Incorporating prayer into coaching sessions is two-fold. There is value in praying to provide support and clarity to your clients struggling with complex issues or needing inspiration and encouragement. And, there is value for the coach who uses prayer to center themself—centering before a coaching session puts me in a place of readiness and openness for the client.


Asking the Holy Spirit to guide the conversation allows me to move out of the way to serve my clients best.


Christian coaching is a practice rooted in the principles of Christianity. It involves using coaching techniques and strategies to guide individuals in their personal and spiritual growth as they navigate their world. The goal of Christian Coaching is to help individuals and teams in their becoming by tapping into the power of God. By tapping into the power of God, we are saying, “I trust you” to our Creator. This approach recognizes that humans are not just physical beings but also spiritual ones.


Connecting Prayer to Coaching

Leaders require guidance that goes beyond traditional coaching practices. Prayer is an integral component of Christian coaching. It serves as communication between the coach, client, and God. Through prayer, clients can seek divine guidance, strength, and direction. Prayer helps individuals connect with God deeper, enabling them to gain insight into their purpose and path in life. In addition to providing spiritual support, prayer enhances the effectiveness of coaching interventions by facilitating positive change in attitudes and behaviors.


Christian Coaching is a holistic approach, integrating faith-based beliefs with professional coaching practices to help clients fulfill their personal and spiritual wellness.


Prayer is essential to Christian Coaching because it enables us to connect with God on a deeper level. When we pray, we invite God into every area of our lives, including our coaching sessions. We ask Him for guidance and wisdom as we seek to help others reach a level of wholeness. Christian Coaches offer guidance on incorporating prayer into leadership practices, emphasizing the importance of establishing a regular routine that includes reflection, meditation, and scripture.

As a practicing, praying Christian Coach, I incorporate prayer before every session regardless of if someone has witnessed or asked. How? Before I enter the board room, zoom room, or office space, one of my quiet prayers for His will and His words to lead me during the session leaves my lips and lands on God’s ears. And, for those who request prayer before or after a session, I’m ready and equipped. I may not be the most eloquent prayer partner, but I am anointed says the Bible, and so are you! As Christians we are set apart for divine use and praying is a powerful way to be used!

How do you incorporate prayer into your coaching or leadership practices?

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*originally published in Christian Coaching Magazine

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