Join us for 3 days to strengthen leaders, teams, and organizations so together, we can confidently “Step Up and In” to 2023.

January 24-26, 2023

Are you ready to confidently “Step Up and In” to 2023?

The daily challenges of leadership can leave you asking:

Do I have what it takes?

In our effort to bring confidence and hope to leaders and teams, we welcome you to CLS!

We learned from the annual Belem We’re Still Curious Discovery Survey there is much to consider. 

Leaders and teams are only 75% confident in their leader or team competencies for the future. These same leaders stated they only have 77% confidence in their organization’s competencies for the future.

There is much work to do!

Leaders, teams, and organizations are looking to advance their knowledge, skills, and abilities just as much as they aspire to create psychologically safe environments, build trust, plan for the future, think strategically, and innovate.

Based on data leaders provided, and in order to serve our leaders, teams, and organizations in the new year, BelemLeaders is gearing up to virtually host 19 powerful sessions.

9 presentations, 4 workshops, 2 panel discussions, PLUS 4 Moderated Power Sessions with select presenters 

*CLS may be used for the purpose of ICF credential renewal in the area of Resource Development

Join us January 24-26th 2023 for the Confident Leader Symposium! 8:30AM-10:00AM ET 12:00PM-1:30PM ET  6:30PM-8:00PM ET

Who is CLS for?

All leaders! Thought leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, HR leaders, managers, teams, academics, faith leaders, student leaders, C-Suite, community leaders, healthcare leaders, managers, supervisors…

What topics can I expect to hear?

Teams, psychological safety, conflict resolution, communication, branding and marketing, coaching skills for leaders, purpose, crisis management, leadership presence, mindfulness, business development, trust, org culture, and more!

What time does CLS take place

Presenters and panelists will be LIVE at 8:30 AM-10:30 AM, 12 PM-1:30 PM, and 6:30 PM-8:00 PM EST. PLUS! Moderated POWER SESSIONS following select presentations will bridge insight to action.

Symposium Schedule

(all times are ET)

                                                           *CLS may be used for the purpose of ICF credential renewal in the area of Resource Development

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

8:30AM-10:00AM Session I & II

Purpose to Power: Mastering Purpose for Effective Leadership

Dr. Anthony Perdue-USA 

Are you looking to gain clarity on the subject of leadership purpose? Join Dr. Perdue as he presents a model of leadership development that centralizes purpose in the context of emotional intelligence as well as traditional leadership development approaches.

The Relationship Between Environments and People

Lourens Delport-South Africa 

Are you ready to decrease the amount of time it takes for an employee to become profitable? The average break-even return on employment falls between 18 to 36 months. In some cases as much as 72 months. In this session, we will explore the affect environment has on people within organizations. By using AI as a tool and Agriculture as a metaphor – leaders can engage individuals more effectively within the organizations they lead or consult with to increase productivity and impact the bottom-line faster. Bringing the break-even return on employment down to between 4 and 10 months. That is exponential growth!


12:00 PM- 1:30 PM Session III & IV

The Gift Mindset-Workshop

Dr. Virgina Richardson, BCC-USA

This workshop takes leaders on an experiential journey of exploring the role of mindset in helping us to deal with, or better yet, to embrace the possibilities within the challenging circumstances we face today. Drawing from recent studies in Achievement Motivation and the principles of Improv, the workshop illuminates the role of mindfulness and how our beliefs shape the way we might approach something as an obstacle or an opportunity. Through the collaborative immersion activity, participants employ unconventional improvisation techniques to construct new narratives that lead to growth mindsets.

Branding vs. Marketing: How Can It All Fit Together to Push Your Business Forward?

Mr. David Wildman-USA

This session will bring clarity and actionable steps you can take today to align your marketing messaging and brand identity. Your business should be thriving. And, your marketing and branding should not be a mystery.

1:30 PM-2:00 PM Session V


Moderator: Dr. Kelly Whelan

Further the conversation with Certified Story Brand expert, Mr. David Wildman.

6:30 PM Session VI 

CEO Panel Discussion: Strategizing for the Future

Moderator: Dr. Kelly Whelan
Dr. Beth Graves-USA
Mr. Matthew Henry, PE, ACC-USA
Dr. Bruce Smith-USA

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Session VII & VIII

Confident Leadership: Learning to Lead Through Times of Crisis

Dr. Cynthia Gavin-USA

This presentation reviews the types of crisis leaders are likely to face in the near future and describes the impact of effective disaster leadership. Finally, it points the leader toward strategic thinking that moves attendees from reacting to responding to leading through times of crisis.

Leading Generation Z

Dr. Carmellia Shivers-Cole-USA

Generation Z is a global generation that will change the future workforce. Organizations and leaders must determine what is important and what motivates this generation to perform. This presentation brings insight into Gen Z’s challenges and opportunities for how they will affect the workplace, and what organizations need to know as they recruit future talent.

12:00 PM-1:30 PM Session IX & X

From Conflict to Collaboration: Paving the Way to Progress and Success

Annette Bechtold, ACC-USA

From personal interactions to the workplace, conflict is often seen as unproductive, painful, and something to avoid at all costs. It can erode even the best relationships and teams. In this session, participants will walk away with an understanding of why aversion to conflict exacerbates the issues at hand and instead explore new thinking, communication, and methods to create a collaborative environment that fosters success.

Leadership Presence: The Body, Mind and Heart of Showing Up Confidently and Powerfully-Workshop

Mr. Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA-USA

Public speaking confidence and skills is not guess work: it’s both an art and a science. In this workshop, participants will learn tangible skills to show up confidently and effectively as a leader and as a speaker. Discover how to grow your leadership presence!

1:30 PM-2:00 PM Session XI


Moderator: Annette Bechtold

Bring your questions and get ready to lead confidently and powerfully with Mr. Jonathan Bender.

6:30 PM Session XII

Organization Culture Panel: What Every Leader Needs to Know

Moderator: Dr. Diane Wiater
Dr. Thomas E. Anderson II-USA
Dr. Janice George-USA

Thursday, January 26, 2023

8:30 AM-10:00 AM Sessions XIII & XIV

Life-Changing Leadership Habits

Dr. Jeff Doolittle-US

The bad habits of leadership that we have all witnessed or engaged in are not destiny. Evidence constantly reminds us that the best and most creative leaders populate the most successful organizations. Striving for better habits is a competitive advantage available to any leader looking for a powerful point of differentiation. This session explains why developing life-changing leadership habits matters, what is the greatest leadership habit you need, and how great leaders overcome common challenges to breaking bad habits and building good ones.

Dust off, Polish, and Use: Coaching Techniques for Leaders

Dr. Diane M. Wiater-USA

Coaching is a viable and increasingly used leader development tool. Coaching techniques and skills are transferable, borrowed, and shared with other professions. Dr. Wiater guides leaders in dusting off, polishing and using three forgotten techniques; creating presence, brainstorming, and resourcing to build their confidence, improve performance, and develop others as they Step Up and In!

10:00AM-10:30 AM Session XV

Power Session

Moderator: Annette Bechtold, ACC

Join Dr. Diane M. Wiater and go deeper into Coaching Techniques for Leaders!

12:00 PM-1:30 PM Session XVI & XVII

Conversation Matters!

Mary Verstraete, PCC-USA

Conversation, the tool we use each day to build rapport and understanding with everyone in our lives, is also the tool for cultivating trust. While conversation is considered a soft skill, it is by no means a soft approach to leadership and decision making. It is, in contrast, one of the strongest marks of skilled leadership. By mastering the nuances of communication, you are able to excel in the role of a trusted leader. As a result this session, you will learn tips from a neuroscience perspective on in-depth listening, asking effective questions, and growth-focused conversations—all in the context of your role as a leader.

Building A Better Bicycle – How to Validate your Business Idea-Workshop

Dr. Rhonda Alexander-USA

Workshop attendees will gain the skills necessary to determine whether their business idea is valid and potentially profitable by querying the market.

1:30 PM-2:00 PM Session XVIII


Moderator: Annette Bechtold, ACC

Join Dr. Rhonda Alexander to further the conversation on idea generation and validation.

6:30PM Session XIX

Stepping Up and Into Psychological Safety and Trust: Becoming a Confident, High-Value, Transformational Impact (CVT-I) Leader and Team

Dr. Kelly M.G. Whelan, EMCC-ITCA Practitioner-USA

How psychologically safe is your team? While research tells us psychologically safe environments are necessary to foster trust and generate highly successful teams, creating a psychologically safe environment is often left to chance.  This session dives into the importance of psychological safety and trust, plus, offers practical tips for leaders so they can increase these critical components in their teams and organizations.

Closing Remarks

Dr. Kelly M.G. Whelan-USA

Dr. Diane M. Wiater-USA

*CLS may be used for the purpose of ICF credential renewal in the area of Resource Development