3 1/2 days to help strengthen leaders, teams, and organizations so together, we can courageously turn the corner into 2021.


January 25-28, 2021

Are you ready to courageously turn the corner into 2021?

We get it!

2020 has been a year that we won’t soon forget.
For some, you took this unusual time in history and created opportunities to flourish. But the reality is, for many, 2020 left you tired, weary, and less than confident. 

Leaders, teams, and organizations are looking to advance their knowledge, skills, and abilities just as much as they are needing to understand their team members, lessen their fear of the future, and seek continued support, encouragement, and new opportunities.

Based on the data, and in order to serve our leaders, teams, and organizations in the new year, BelemLeaders and Wiater Consulting Group, LLC is gearing up to virtually host 25+ leaders from the US and South Africa January 25-28th 2021 for the Confident Leader Symposium!

Who is CLS for?

All leaders! Thought leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, HR leaders, managers, teams, academics, faith leaders, student leaders…

What topics can I expect to hear?

Engagement, branding, coaching, health and wellness, foresight, strategy, church growth, organizational transformation, teams, publishing, corporate leadership, succession planning, leading virtual teams and more!

What time does CLS take place?

Presenters and panelists will be LIVE at 8am, 12pm, 2pm, and 7pm EST.

Speakers and Presenters

Hosted by

Confident Leader Symposium Speakers 2021

Schedule (All times are ET)

Monday, January 25, 2021

7:00 PM Kickoff

3 Keys to Building a Brighter Future

Dr. Virginia Richarson-USA

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

8:00 AM Breakout Sessions (select one)

Gratitude: The Least Used Leadership Power Tool

Dr. Kay Bower-USA 

Are Diversity and Productivity Mutually Exclusive?

Lourens Delport-South Africa 

12:00 PM General Session

Self Perception – The Key to Confident Leadership

Dr. Anthony Perdue-USA

2:00 PM breakout sessions (select one)

The Healthy Leader: How You Lead is How You Eat

Jen Beck-USA

Mitigating Organizational Pain through Leadership Coaching

Dr. Jennifer Murray-USA

Bridging the Millennial and Gen Z Gap*

Dr. David Neal-USA

7:00 PM General Session

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Dr. Diane Wiater-USA

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

8:00 AM Breakout Sessions (select one)

Creating a Culture of Sustainable Leadership Through Intergenerational Succession

Dr. Marcel Hattingh-South Africa

Strategic Direction: Identifying and Testing Assumptions

Dr. Emory Welch-USA

12:00 PM General Session

Alive, Drive, and Thrive: Building Engagement to Succeed

Annette Bechtold-USA

2:00 PM breakout sessions (select one)

“Biblical Values” – the Cornerstone of Successful Leadership, Past, Present and Future

Dr. Widza Bryant-USA

Energy: The Fuel That Drives a Leader’s Fire

Dr. Stephen Stohler-USA

Non-profit Leadership
Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Diane Wiater
Melanie Bedogne-USA
Kevin Hinman-USA
Brenda Yablonsky-USA

7:00 PM General Session

Building Strong, Confident, High-Value Teams

Dr. Kelly Whelan-USA

Thursday, January 28, 2021

8:00 AM Breakout Sessions (select one)

Leading Organizational Change with Excellence in a Prolonged Global Crisis

Dr. Karen Cerf-South Africa

The Power of Publishing
Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Kelly Whelan
Dr. Andrew Brough-South Africa
Dr. Debra Dean-USA
Dr. Karen Totten White-USA
Dr. John Plastow-USA

12:00 PM General Session

Strong Branding Starts With Clarity

David Wildman-USA

2:00 PM breakout sessions (select one)

Navigating Your Path of Potential: Your “Hero’s Quest” for 2021

Dr. Thom Owens-USA

Churches: Health & Growth
Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Diane Wiater
Dr. Jerry Breedlove-USA
Dr. Karen Cress-USA
Pastor Shane Frazier-USA

Feel the Fear and Show Up Anyway!

Dr. Synetheia Newby-USA

7:00 PM General Session

Best Practices in Managing a Remote Workforce*

Dr. Al Moseley-USA

* This session will not be recorded.