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Leadership Excellence by Design

Leadership Excellence by Design is delivered by Dr. Whelan.
This keynote unpacks the benefits of individuals who champion leadership, lead with purpose, and confidently live their legacy. Individuals will be challenged to think of leadership through a permission based-purpose-filled lens. The audience will leave with a greater appreciation of themselves and those they serve.

This keynote can be modified to fit any audience based on the goal of the organization.

Start With Talent; Finish With Strength

Start With Talent; Finish With Strength keynote is delivered by one of our CliftonStrengths Certified Coaches. This keynote reveals the secret to having an excellent quality of life, an engaged culture, and increased performance in and outside the workplace. The audience will leave with a greater appreciation of themselves and those they serve.

Leading Through Loss

Loss isn’t easy. Whether it’s physical loss from death, a division transfer or a leader leaves the organization, a loss can be overwhelming. Learn how to prepare your organization for the unexpected complexity of loss.

Living Your Legacy

What’s your legacy? Most leaders wait until their tenure is near completion to think about their legacy. Learn what you can do today to impact tomorrow.

Being the Light

When faced with adversity, the fog and darkness can be overwhelming. Why do some struggle and others appear to glide through untouched? It’s because those who understand it’s not about just getting through adversity – it’s about accepting, embracing, and digging deep down to tap into your unique strength-source that lights your way and propels you forward. How bright is your light?

Employee Engagement:
Why It Matters

The Power of using story in your branding and marketing.
Get to know the StoryBrand® Marketing Framework.

Workshop provided by StoryBrand Certified Guide.